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Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian Edition, used)



Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian edition): A World War II Battle Game.

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Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian edition): A World War II Battle Game.

Change history in the Battle of the Bulge!

The Battle of the Bulge was the largest sustained land battle fought by the United States during World War II. Now, with this fast-moving game, it is once again dawn, December 16, 1944, in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Under a thunderous bombardment, and covered by dense fog, three German armies move forward through the snow to attack the outnumbered and outgunned U.S. forces spread thinly across the front. The whole course of the war could be changed in the next couple weeks, but this time there is a difference - this time YOU are in command.
An interesting and entertaining re-creation of history, Battle of the Bulge is also a highly competitive game of chess-like subtlety played by moving the olive drab and gray units representing the armor, infantry, airborne, and air formations present at the historic battle on a colorful gameboard representing the actual battlefield's terrain. Either side can win. Can your division improve on the actual German performance...or, as they did in the actual battle, can your hard-pressed Americans hold the line until reinforcements arrive? Your decisions will make the difference.

Condition: One box corner split, dishing on box bottom, all counters punched but present.

Contents: Battle Manual, Two-sided rules sheet, 2 Order of Appearance cards, 14" X 22" full-color gameboard, 2 10 sided dice, 194 die-cut counters (+ 8 blanks).


Number of Players 1 to 2
Playing Time 2 hours
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Mechanics wargame, American World War II, hex-and-counter, Battle of the Bulge, solo play
Designer Taylor, S. Craig
Illustrator Charles Kibler, George I. Parrish, Jr.
Publisher Avalon Hill
Year Published 1991
Binding Box
Condition Acceptable

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