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Aftermath: An Adventure Book Game in which players take on the role of small critters struggling to survive and thrive in a big, dangerous world.

All Alone in a Shattered World

The Calamity took the humans. Now the creatures who lived in the shadows of humanity are taking center stage, forced to survive by building the world anew from the ruins of the old.

A Desperate Bid for Survival

Aftermath is an exciting new entry in the Adventure Book series, a game played in the pages of a large game book! Players take on the roles of valiant critters who seek to improve their colony by scavenging for food and water, repurposing old scrap, and eliminating those predators who have no interest in rebuilding the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Adventure at Every Turn

  • Play as a colorful cast of mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other critters.
  • Dynamic card play allows players to complete a wide variety of exciting actions.
  • Engage threats in desperate combat, or try diplomacy for more peaceful solutions.
  • Complete missions to improve your colony and unlock new perks.
  • Explore a ruined suburbia from the eyes of a tiny creature.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
60 to 120 minutes

Designer: Hawthorne, Jerry
Tregis, Jimmy Xia
Publisher: Plaid Hat Games


animals, adventure, cooperative play,
Adventure Book Games, campaign, post-apocalyptic, solo play, Aftermath

Awards & Honors


1 Adventure book, 23 plastic figures, 2 resolution dice, 1 sideboard, 1 campaign dashboard, 1 downtown travel map, 162 standard size cards, 88 mini size cards, 88 tokens and markers, 7 standees, 7 deck boxes, rulebook.