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Wizards of the Coast

Arcane Power (Dungeons and Dragons 4.0)

Arcane Power (Dungeons and Dragons 4.0)

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Arcane Power: more options for bards, sorcers, swordmages, warlocks, and wizards for the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

You are a master of magic, a wielder and shaper of raw arcane power. Armed with your favorite staff, sword, or other implement, you stand ready to crush the forces arrayed against you.

The Arcane Power supplement presents new powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies for the bard, sorcerer, swordmage, warlock, and wizard classes. It also includes the vestige pact for warlocks, rules for familiars, a new kind of implement (tomes), and new builds for and class features that allow you to play new versions of your favorite arcane classes - from the prescient bard or storm sorcerer to the illusionist wizard or summoner wizard.

Condition: Light wear on corners, scratch on back cover.

Condition: Like New

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Author: Bonner, Logan and Eytan Bernstein, Peter Lee
Wizards of the Coast

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