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Avalon Hill

Betrayal The Werewolf's Journey: Blood on the Moon

Betrayal The Werewolf's Journey: Blood on the Moon

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The Blood Moon is Casting it's Sinister Spell.

A mysterious visitor arrives at the House on the Hill, hiding a frightful secret. By first appearance she seems to be a typical teen, if a bit guarded and careful of her surroundings. But that will soon change in the most dreadful way imaginable as the visitor is revealed to be a feral werewolf desperate for blood. As explorers, you may be called upon to help the werewolf, to destroy her, or to decide yourselves what to do!

Blood on the Moon: The Werewolf's Journey features an additional game character in both human and werewolf forms, together with five specially designed haunts, four game cards, tow room tiles, and a custom scenario card, to add more horror to your base game.

This is an expansion for Betrayal at the House on the Hill 3rd edition, the base game is required to play.

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 12 and up
Number of Players:
3 to 6
Playing Time:
60 to 90 minutes

Designer: Dave Chalker, Banana Chan, Noah Cohen, Bruce Glassco, Brian Neff, Will Sobel, Jabari Weathers
Henning Ludvigsen
Publisher: Avalon Hill


semi-cooperative play, dice rolling, modular board, variable player powers, partnerships, exploration, role playing, fighting, horror

Awards & Honors


2 highly detailed figures, 2 removable bases, 1 double-sided character board, 2 room tiles, 2 haunt book stories, story prologue book, 4 game cards, 1 scenario card, 4 clips