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White Wolf Publishing

Bone Flowers (Kindred of the East)

Bone Flowers (Kindred of the East)

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Bone Flowers is the second in the Dharma Book series for Kindred of the East. It is a complete guide to playing the dark scholars of the Kuei-jin. New rites, Disciplines and artifacts, prominent teachers and their secrets, Bone Flowers provides everything you need to sing the Song of the Shadow.

Feel the Cold of Yin

We hear the Quiet Song that whispers in the blackness of Yin. We are cold, yielding and unemotional. Our knowledge is supreme and our powers terrifying. We see the ancestor's ghosts and honor them. We are silent and deadly, scholar-assassins and mystics of the Yellow Springs. Do you understand our riddles? Do you fear our ways? You will.

Hear the Shadow Song of the Hungry Dead

Bone Flowers includes:

  • The secret methods and temples of the Dharma
  • The Bone Flowers' plans for the West
  • Conversion rules for Mind's Eye Theatre live action play

Condition: Very Good, light wear on back of book.

Condition: Very Good

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Author: Blackwelder, Kraig
White Wolf Publishing

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