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Fabled Fruit: The Lime Expansion

Fabled Fruit: The Lime Expansion

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Fabled Fruit: The Lime Expansion lets you explore 20 new locations! Provides exciting new gambling tokens and the mysterious camouflage coat.

Since many consider Green one of the most important colors in the rainbow, no Fruit themed game would be complete without the addition of Limes. And these Green Fruits add just the right twist to the gameplay found in Fabled Fruit.

Explore 20 new locations, the exciting gambling tokens, and the mysterious camouflage coat in Fabled Fruit: The Lime Expansion!

About Fabled Fruit

Fabled Fruit is a Fable Game™, a new and unique concept in game experiences, where the gameplay changes over time. The game starts in an initial, simple state, but as you explore deeper into the game system, the mechanisms and gameplay will evolve. Unlike in a Legacy game, however, the game is never permanently changed. A Fable Game™ remains just as playable on the 20th play as it was the first time you played!



Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 5
Playing Time:
25 minutes

Designer: Friese, Friedemann
Harald Lieske
Publisher: Stronghold Games


set collection, worker placement, card game, animals, expansion, Fable Game, Fabled Fruit

Awards & Honors


80 location cards, 15 Fruit cards, 1 Fruit token, 1 Camouflage Coat token, 6 Gambling tokens, rules