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Cherry Picked Games

Far Away

Far Away

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Far Away: Boldly go where no one has returned from yet.

The Federation Alliance needs you!
We need explorers like you: brave souls willing to face the dangers of the universe for perfectly adequate compensation.
The far Away program send two explorers to cooperate on an unknown planet. There, you will surely complete missions of grand importance. We are relying on your ingenuity to succeed, since budget cuts have taken away your crew's travel supplies, radios, and landing gear. Fear not: over 61% of explorers who return have done so with their limbs.

-Explore new exotic worlds, as you search for food and shelter.
-Take on eight branching missions turned down by full time employees.
-Discover over 30 magnificent creatures that may kill you.
-Carry your legacy to the next mission if you're still conscious.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
Playing Time:
90 to 150 minutes

Designer: Alexander Jerabek
Jake Breish
Publisher: Cherry Picked Games


Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, Role Playing, Missions

Awards & Honors


54 hexes, 76 cubes, 7 dice, 281 tokens, 338 cards, 6 mats, 1 training manual, 1 contact dossier