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For Faerie, Queen, and Country (Amazing Engine, Am2)

For Faerie, Queen, and Country (Amazing Engine, Am2)

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For Faerie, Queen, and Country: this book to the amazing engine system allows you to roleplay as a character from the English Isles in a world where faeries and magic roam the earth.

"'It's a right pea-souper, innit, guv'ner! No tellin' what kinds a' bogies're out slippin' 'round tonight' The fish vendor tips his filthy porkpie hat to the passing inspector, who hardly notices the vague shape lurking in the shadows of the narrow alleyway behind him. 'Certain and it's not a fit night out fo—' His voice is cut off sharply as a clawed hand closes around his throat, its iron nails digging into his skin. His screams shatter the silence of the foggy waterfront.

Inspector Prescott realizes, with a start, that he has been standing rooted to the pavement, while a black annis has just killed another victim. He's been warned that one's been about, striking silently and without warning, but he certainly never thought to get this close to one.

From behind him comes a hideous cackle. Turning, he sees a misshapen, four-limbed creature that seems to be sprouting leaves. In its bony hands it clutches a large knobby club.

'Never a Peeler around when you need one,' Prescott mutters, formulating a spell in his mind ...

For Faerie, Queen, and Country is the first fantasy Universe Book created for the Amazing Engine game system. The setting: Victorian England, 187-. The Tuatha de Danann are represented in Parliament. America is a British penal colony And your character? She could be a governess to a family in Bloomsbury, skilled in herbal lore and fairy lore because she was raised in Ireland. He could be a consulting detective, half-faerie himself, with training in phrenology. Or, your character might be a full-blooded Tuatha de Danann, bent on wreaking mischief throughout London!
Step into the universe of For Faerie, Queen, and Country. And don't forget the bit of cold iron for your pocket!"

Condition: Good, Bend in lower lower corner on back cover

Condition: Good

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Author: Cook, David "Zeb
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