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White Wolf Publishing

Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope (Mage: the Ascension)

Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope (Mage: the Ascension)

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Horizon: Stronghold of Hope presents a background for Mage chronicles, a magickal Otherworld where ages-old mysticks plot humanity's future... and their own!

Hope Lies Between the Worlds...

500 years ago, sorcerers came from across the world to meet in a place that did not exist on Earth. Their sanctuary, built by magick alone, floating between what was and what was willed to be. That sanctuary was called Horizon. There the Council of Nine Traditions gathered, and they still do even in these twilight times.

Sadly, all is not well. Today, intrigue stalks Horizon's halls as the poisoned politics of Doissetep creep through Council chambers. Unlucky visitors or meddling insiders may discover the truth behind an old saying: "When a glass falls in Horizon, all wizards feel its impact."

...If Wisdom Triumphs Over Pride!

Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope includes:

  • Rules and hints for running archmage characters;
  • Options for visitors, consors, and infiltrators of all kinds;
  • An inside look at the Council of Traditions.

Condition: Very Good

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Author: Fischi, Beth and Allen Varney, Ethan Skemp
White Wolf Publishing

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