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Pandemic: State of Emergency

Pandemic: State of Emergency

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Pandemic: State of Emergency offers three new challenges, 5 new Roles and 7 new Events for Pandemic. Saving the world just got a little harder.

1. Hinterlands Challenge - Diseases are spreading from animals to humans.

2. Adjust Pandemic's Difficulty - Quarantines slow down the diseases to make the game easier, while the Emergency Event Challenge provides unpredictable events that make the game harder.

3. Superbug Challenge - Adds a fifth disease that cannot be treated! Produce vaccine doses after finding its cure. You must eradicate the superbug disease to win. NOT for the faint of heart.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 4
Playing Time:
45 minutes

Designer: Leacock, Matt and Tom Lehmann
Chris Quilliams
Publisher: Z-Man Games


cooperative play, action point allowance system, hand management, set colleciton, variable player powers, expansion, Pandemic

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5 new role cards with matching pawns, 7 new event cards, 6 Quarantine markers, 2 Hinterlands boards, 18 transparent disks (5 black, 4 blue, 5 red, 4 yellow), 1 Hinterlands die, 10 Emergency Event cards, 4 reference cards, 4 Vaccine factories, 24 Vaccine Doses, 2 Superbug Infection cards, 8 Superbug Bonus cards, 1 revised Role card (Superbug version), 24 purple disease cubes, 1 cure marker, 1 cure indicator / cure indicator card, rules