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Get discounts when you shop with us regularly.
Last update: 2 April 2014

Here Be Books & Games appreciates its customers. It’s one of the reasons we offer our money-saving Trade Program, hold semi-annual sales, find books and games for you, maintain a large demo game library, hold monthly game nights and other gaming events and otherwise show we care.

So, we offer two more money-saving incentives for shopping with us. The first, Customer Reward Cards, applies when you spend $50 or more without using trade credit or utilizing any other type of discount. The second, our Valued Game Customer Discount Program, gives you automatic discounts on games when you shop with us regularly.

Customer Reward Cards: $5 Off Your Next Purchase

Customer Reward Card
Get a Card worth $5 Off Your Next Purchase when you spend $50 or more

Whenever you spend $50 or more (before sales tax) AND don’t use Trade Credit or receive some other discount, we’ll give you a card that entitles you to $5 Off Your Next Purchase.

  • Your $5 discount can be used towards the purchase of almost anything in our store.
  • No minimum purchase is required when redeeming a Reward Card.
  • Reward Cards can be combined with other offers, sales and discounts.
  • Use them yourself or give them to a friend.
  • Don’t horde them: Reward Cards expire one month after they’re issued.
  • Reward Cards cannot be used the same day that they are issued.
  • We’ll issue two Rewards Cards for $100 purchases, three for $150, …

Valued Game Customer Discount Program

Save money on games when you shop with us regularly. Ask about our Valued Game Customer Discount Program.
Save money on games when you shop with us regularly. Ask about our Valued Game Customer Discount Program.

While we can’t usually compete with the prices offered by online stores, as your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) we do try to provide you with lots of incentives to shop in our store, including:

  • Monthly Game Nights, special gaming events and ad hoc gaming.
  • A huge Demo Game Library so you can try before you buy.
  • Recommendations. We’ll help you choose games suited to your tastes, number of players, etc.
  • Special Orders and Preorders.
  • We’ll teach you how to play!

We also give you another incentive to do all your game shopping with us: our Valued Game Customer Discount Program.

From day one, whenever you shop with us and spend $50 or more, you’ll get what is essentially a 10% discount, after the fact (see Customer Reward Cards above). Once you’ve spent $250 on New Games (before sales tax) without using Trade Credit, you’ll qualify for our Valued Game Customer Discount Program.

From then on, you’ll receive a 10% to 15% discount on your Game Purchases at the time of the purchase. The discount can only be applied to New Games and cannot be used in tandem with Trade Credit or combined with any other discounts, special offers, or sales. The more games you buy from us, the greater your discount:

Total New
Valued Game
less than $250 see Customer Reward Cards
Tier 1 $250 to $499 10%
Tier 2 $500 to $999 11%
Tier 3 $1000 to $1499 12% *
Tier 4 $1500 to $1999 13% *
Tier 5 $2000 to $2999 14% *
Tier 6 $3000 and up 15% *
* Tier 3, and higher: Free Admission to Game Night.

To continue to receive your Valued Game Customer Discount, you must make at least one qualifying purchase every six months.

If you haven’t received your Valued Game Customer Discount card and think you qualify, let Tina know. She’ll review your past purchases and issue a card to you accordingly. She’ll also happily check to see if you’ve reached the next tier. Just ask.

Terms and conditions of Here Be Books & Games’ Valued Game Customer Discount Program are subject to change without notice.

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