Virtual Game Auction Recap September 2020

September 2020 Virtual Game Auction Recap


Went darned smooth for an online auction
“Went darned smooth for an online auction”

Our first Virtual Game Auction went pretty smoothly. Buyers got good deals and sellers earned lots of store credit to buy new games. Everyone seemed to have a good time learning about, and bidding on, the games in the auction.

Virtual Board Game Auction Meeple

We held the Virtual Game Auction on our Discord server over two Saturdays: September 19 and 26, 2020. In the Game Auction Voice/Video Channel, Tim showed us each game being auctioned off and talked a little about it including playtime, number of players, mechanics, etc. – just like in our in-person auctions. Participants asked questions or made comments either by unmuting their mics and talking or by typing in the #game-auction Text Channel. Bidders entered their bids in the #game-auction Text Channel.

Nick: I'm Out!

We only ran into two hiccups: when a bidder lost connection. The first one occurred when we were auctioning off Charterstone. Sorry, Bailey. We solved the issue by asking bidders to type “out” when they didn’t want to raise the bid further. This worked well and gave everyone confidence they wouldn’t lose out on a game they really wanted – due to a computer glitch anyway. There was still the chance of being outbid. Speaking of which…

Saboteur bidding

One of the hottest bidding contests of the night was between Bailey and Liz for Lot 30. Lot 30 contained Qwirkle Travel and – the apparently highly desired – Paw Patrol. Bailey wanted it for his daughter, Liz for her nieces. Liz prevailed with a final bid of $27 – she says its really cute. Kids’ games were in demand. On the second night of the auction, Beasts of Balance, an animal creation stacking game, was also hotly contested. Wade scored it for $35. Wade, who always wins when we play Saboteur in our Virtual Gaming sessions, fittingly won the bidding for Lot 57 that included Saboteur and The Resistance for $13 – he was worried I jinxed him when I mentioned his winning streak.

As for other good deals: Michael picked up Runebound 3rd edition for $35, Sarah seemed to get what she came for when she nabbed Fury of Dracula 3rd edition for $55, Brent and Michael each acquired a copy of Master of Orion for $15, Bailey got Nations: The Dice Game for $20, Nick grabbed Dungeon Royale Kickstarter Basegame with all the Pixel Minis for $25, Diane snagged one of my favorites If Wishes for Fishes – complete with purple worms – for $15, Erin dug up Gloomy Graves for $10, Norm quietly nabbed Clank! for $35 and Dan scored the solo adventure game Friday for just $8. Even Fletcher, who didn’t win any bids, took home a game he had his eye on, One Page Bulge, a gift from Wade who won it in one of his lots.

Liz: Me where there are too many games to play

With 73 games in 66 lots, there was plenty to bid on and the sellers racked up some hefty Store Credits from the sales. The two top sellers, Blake and Brandon, earned $372 and $370 dollars respectively for the games they submitted to the auction. Both have already spent some of their earnings on new games they’ve had their eye on.

Some participant contributions
Some participant contributions

The only downside of the Virtual Auction for me was everyone having their mics muted so we could hear Tim clearly. I missed the banter that usually goes on in our in-person auctions. Luckily the attendees found a way to engage with us. After I mentioned that I felt like Tim and I were talking in a vacuum, they started posting game pics, memes, animated GIFs and joking around in the #game-auction text channel to liven things up. You can view the craziness yourself on our Discord server. Sorry you won’t be able to see and hear the voice/video part of the auction.

Let's do another!
“Let’s do another!”

During the wrap up, several people asked us to do another auction before the end of the year. Soooo, we’ve scheduled another Virtual Game Auction for 6:00 p.m., Saturday, November 14. If you have games you would like to sell, you can begin bringing them in Tuesday, October 6 – during regular store hours. Seller forms and a full FAQ will be available on our web site shortly. If you want the option to bid in the next auction, you can register now by calling Tina at (843) 851-1498. Participants of the September auction need only RSVP by text message or phone call to (843) 695-1498 or via Facebook or Meetup. More details, including how to connect to our Discord server where the auction will take place, will be posted soon on our web site at

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