Looking for a book or game? Let us help!
Front area of store. Relax, chat with us, read or learn to play a game.
Front area of store. Relax, chat with us, read or learn to play a game.

We’re all about customer service and giving you the most bang for your buck. You’ll find detailed information about several of our services on their own pages, including:

  • Trade Service – trade your used books and designer games in for store credit.
  • Demo Games – try before you buy. We’ll teach you how to play!
  • Rewards Program – get discounts when you shop with us regularly.
  • Monthly Newsletter – featuring upcoming events, game reviews, new arrivals and more.
  • Game Reviews – runthroughs and game descriptions by Tina (The Glass Meeple)
  • Game Night – 6+ hours of gaming the 1st Saturday of every month
  • Other Events – book sales, book signings, tournaments, organized plays, etc.
  • Books for Troops – you give us an address, we’ll provide and send the books and even pay the postage.

Following are other services we provide our customers that you may not be aware of:

Book & Game Requests

We get new inventory in every day. Our ever-changing stock of about 30,000 books makes it difficult to list all of them on our online store. Currently only our rare and valuable books appear there. You can, however, shop for almost all of our board games on our online store. We update it weekly.

With the launch of this new web site, we’re experimenting with providing a listing of all of the books we have in stock. Just a listing with the title, author, binding, quantity and price. You can search the list using your web browser’s Find tool (Ctrl-F). The page takes a minute or so to load – it’s got 30,000 books listed on it – so please be patient. Let us know if you find it helpful, useful, useless, etc. We’ll update it weekly.

You can still call us or come by the store to let us know what you’re looking for. Our inventory is computerized, so we can usually check to see if it’s in stock quickly. If we don’t have the book or game in stock, we offer two services to help you acquire it, even books that are out of print and games that haven’t been released yet.

Want Lists for Books

Just tell us what book you want and give us your phone number. We’ll add the book to your Want List. When we get a copy in, we’ll give you a call. There is no obligation to buy the book when it comes in. Just let us know if you no longer need it. We can’t promise when we’ll receive a book on your want list, if ever. It could come in in a few days, a few months, or never.

Search Service (Books & Games)

We can almost always find a book somewhere and order it for you. So, if there’s something in particular you really want, even if it’s out of print, let us help. Searches are always free, but we won’t usually offer to do this on the phone unless you ask because of how time-consuming a search can be, especially for obscure titles. We’ll let you know how much the book will cost, including shipping to our store, and you can decide whether you want us to special order it for you or not. There is no obligation to order a book if we perform a search.

We deal with a two major game distributors and a variety of game publishers, including a few independents, so we can often find most in-print games for you. Just let Tina know what you’re looking for. She’ll look up the availability and cost. We can add it to our next game order. If it’s a game we don’t usually stock, we’ll require you to pre-pay for it. If you need something right away, don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Special Orders & Preorders

If you want us to special order or pre-order a book or game for you, please come into our store. We don’t mind doing stock checks over the phone. However, special orders and searches for out-of-print books and designer games can be quite time consuming, so we prefer you to come in, in-person, to request this service. That way we know you’re serious. We require at least a 50% deposit on all special orders.

We can usually order new books for you at retail price. Used and out-of-print books cost a minimum of $8.00 (1¢ book + $3.99 shipping + $4 finder’s fee). Not all books can be had for a penny, however. Our price for special orders of used and out-of-print books is determined as follows: cost of book + shipping + finder’s fee ($4 or 20% of the book’s price, whichever is greater). In-print games usually cost MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

Used books usually arrive within 2 weeks; new books within a few days.

When you special order a game we don’t have in stock, we’ll usually add it to the next order we place with one of our distributors. If you need it sooner, don’t be afraid to ask. Tina will do her best to accommodate you. If it’s a game we don’t usually stock, we’ll require you to pre-pay for it. In-print games usually arrive 2 to 3 days after we place the order with a distributor. Pre-orders usually arrive here on their street date, which is determined by the book or game publisher.

Card Sleeves: Not sure what size card sleeve you need? We can help. Our handy dandy list, covering all of the games we have in stock, will tell you what type of sleeve you need and how many. If your game’s not listed, just ask us and we’ll look it up for you.

Something else you need? Player mats, miniatures, battle maps, a particular color of dice… you name it. If we don’t have it in stock and it’s currently in print, we can usually add it to our next order. We place game orders every 1 or 2 weeks, so it’s no problem. Just ask Tina.

Game Recommendations

We know boardgames: we don’t just sell ’em, we play them, we demo them and we teach other people how to play them – all the time! We love games. So pick our brain. Take advantage of that knowledge. Tell us what games you enjoy, how many people you usually play with and the typical ages of the players and we’ll make some recommendations and help you find the best game for you.

Book Recommendations

We each have our own specialty when it comes to books. While Tim and I both love Sci Fi & Fantasy, Tim’s a history buff…

Free Game Promos

When we get game promos from game companies, we like to pass them on to our customers. Look for the Free Promo with Purchase stickers on select games.

Book Covers and Bookmarks

We’ve always got a stock of bookmarks for sale, and usually some freebies, too. So you can save your place without dog-earing the page.

As booklovers ourselves, we know the importance of protecting the covers of treasured books. So we carry archival-quality dust jacket covers by Brodart, the leading company in library supplies and book preservation products. You can bring books in to have covers installed or buy a cover when you purchase a book: only $2/each installed.


Ad Hoc Gaming

Tim and I try to take a break about 4 p.m. to play games. You’re always welcome to join us. It’ll give us an excuse to stop working. Just drop by and ask us to play. You won’t have to twist our arms too hard.


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