Here Be Books & Games Survives Its Thirteenth Year

A year ago, as we were beginning our thirteenth year in business, a customer asked me if I wasn’t triskaidekaphobic, that is, afraid of the number 13. I replied no, I was looking forward to the upcoming year. After all, we had a contract on a building in downtown Summerville which would provide us with a better […]

Issue 63 August 2018 HBB&G News

Features: Board Game Auction! – Sellers: Check in games now thru Fri, August 17 Here Be Books & Games Survives Its Thirteenth Year Board Game Auction FAQ Organized Play Events in August with Prizes!  Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Club Meeting – Friday, August 10, 6pm to 8pm Recap of July OPs with Prizes Gaming Anytime […]

Issue 40 July 2016 HBB&G News

Features: 11-Year Anniversary Celebration, Game Giveaway and More at August Game Night Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Club King of Tokyo 2016 Demo Day Star Realms Tournament Results New & Upcoming Games HBB&G’s Game Library P.I. Game Review Game Library Additions New Arrivals! Back in Stock! Used Games for Sale

Issue 17 August 2014 HBB&G News

Features: Happy Anniversary, Here Be Books & Games! Celebrating 9 Years in Business! Small World Tournament Results Marvel Dice Masters Organized Play Thursday, August 14, 5pm to 8pm Game Review: Carcassonne: Hills & Sheep Bookmarks Game Library Additions New Game Arrivals, Back in Stock & Used Game Spotlight

Issue 5 August 2013 HBB&G News

Features: Celebrating Here Be Books & Games 8th year in business Storm-Con recap Game Reviews: Viticulture and Dino Hunt Dice Bookmarks: Stamp Collecting books, loads of Children’s Books

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