Closing Brick & Mortar Store – Update

September 16, 2017 Special Issue covers the closing of Here Be Books & Games’ brick & mortar store. Newsletter Features: FAQ regarding closing of store. All Books on Sale: 50% OFF or $1. Then use your trade credit to pay half. Board Games on Sale: 10% to 50% OFF! Valued Game Customer (rewards program) discount […]

Issue 54 September 2017 HBB&G News

Features: Here Be Books & Games Is Moving to Downtown Summerville! No Trades Until After We Move Great Deals on Books! Save 50% on 1000s of Books. Buy More for $1 each! Get Notified When We Move! Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Club – The Thread That Binds the Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Tim) […]

Issue 41 August 2016 HBB&G News

Features: HBB&G Celebrates 11 Years! Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Club Smash Up: Cease & Desist Demo Day Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition Demo Day New & Upcoming Games Istanbul Game Review Game Library Additions New Arrivals! Back in Stock! Used Games for Sale

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