Book & Game Trade Policy

Trade in your used books and games for store credit!
Last update: 12 March 2016
Trade books for store credit
Got too many books? Trade books in for store credit!

Being book lovers, avid readers and gamers ourselves, we know how quickly books and board games can fill up your house – we turned our formal dining room into a library! So, as a service to you, we accept books and designer board games for trade credit or donation, and occasionally purchase. We’ll consider both single items and entire collections. We can even come to you to examine large collections. Following is our detailed Trade Policy. You can also pick up a printed copy of our Trade Policy in our store.

Compensation for Books and Designer Games

We depend on regular acquisitions to keep our stock fresh. Following are the four ways we can provide compensation for the books and games you bring us:

  1. STORE CREDIT – This applies to most of the books and designer games we accept. You can use store credit to pay up to 50% of your book purchases and 40% of your game purchases. See How to Trade below for specific details.
  2. DONATIONS – We always accept donations of books and games. We can even pick up and properly take care of large unwanted book collections for you. Some we’ll use in our store, some will go in our Books for Troops Program, some will go to a local charity. See Donations and Dispensing with Large Collections below for more information.
  3. CASH or CHECK – This mostly applies to books that we don’t often receive in trade, rare or unusual books, and books for which we have a standing customer request. Check out what Categories We’re Currently Buying.
  4. CONSIGNMENT – We occasionally consign single items that have a resale value of $50 or more. See Consignments for details.

How to Trade In Your Books & Games for Store Credit

Looking for a book or game? Let us help!
To trade books, just drop them off at the counter and we’ll process  them while you shop.

Trading your books and games is simple: just drop them off at the counter when you come in the store. You can go browse while we figure your trade credit. When you’re done shopping, return to the counter and we’ll ring up your purchases, apply your trade credit (up to 50% of the total for books and 40% for games) and tell you how much credit you have left, if any. We keep track of your trade credit on our computer, so you don’t have to clutter your wallet with credit slips. Your remaining credit will also be printed on your receipt for your reference.

When trading in Designer Games, expect to wait a little longer. We’ll need to verify all the pieces are present in addition to our usual trading process.

How Much Store Credit You Can Get for Your Trades

So, how much store credit can you get for your used books and games?

Trade in mass-market paperback books for 30% of the cover price
Trade in mass-market paperback books for 30% of the cover price

Mass-market paperback books earn you store credit equal to 30% of the book’s cover price. For example, if the book’s cover price is $6.99, you can receive $2.10 in store credit. We do not charge a filing fee for accepting the trade.

Hard cover books, RPGs and trade paperbacks generally earn you store credit equal to 25% to 40% of the amount for which we think we can sell them. The exact amount is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Designer games usually earn 25% of the original retail price, depending on condition; the exact amount is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Store Credit can be used for up to 50% of book purchases and 40% of game purchases. For instance, if you wish to purchase $10 of used books, and have $7 of credit, you may only use $5 of your credit towards the purchase. In this example, the total cash outlay for this purchase would be $5.35:

$10.00    books purchased
 -5.00    store credit (50% of purchase)
 + .35    7% sales tax
 $5.35    total cash outlay
 $2.00    trade credit left on file that you can use on future purchases

Here’s an example when purchasing games. Say you want to buy a game that costs $50, and have $32 of premium credit, you may only use $20 of your premium credit towards the purchase. In this example, the total cash outlay for this purchase would be $32.10:

$50.00    game purchased
-20.00    premium store credit (40% of purchase)
+ 2.10    7% sales tax
$32.10    total you have to pay
$12.00    premium trade credit left on file that you can use on future purchases

You always have to spend a little cash, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stay in business. The utility companies and our landlord don’t accept books as payment, so we have to have some money coming in to keep our doors open. 🙂 We, of course, accept debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as, cash.

Store credit may not be used towards Consignment or “Cash-Only” Items.

Daily Trade-In Limit

Handling trades takes quite a bit of time. Please drop off the books you want to trade at the counter when you come in. We’ll try to get them processed while you browse. The maximum number of books we can accept from you in exchange for store credit is 25 per day. Games take longer for us to process because we have to count all the pieces, so you might want to drop them off and come back later.

Trade Credit Categories

We have two categories of store credit:

  • Premium – Issued for books in the categories of Sci Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Manga, Parapsychology, Roleplaying Games and some Designer Games. Premium credit may be used toward any normal* used book, RPG (roleplaying game) or game in stock, including those in the previously mentioned Premium categories.
  • Regular – Issued for all books that do not fall under the Premium category. Regular credit may be applied towards the purchase of any used book, except those in the Premium categories.

*Note: Consignment items are sold on a cash-only basis. Store credit may not be applied to the purchase of “Cash-Only” items.

Our Quality Commitment

We take great pride in the quality and selection of our books because we know how important that is to you. Chances are that we may not accept some of your books for trade. It’s nothing against your books, mind you, we love books of all kinds. It’s more likely for one of the following reasons:

  1. We are overstocked on that title or author. This is the most common reason we don’t accept a book. If we reject a book for this reason, you’re welcome to bring it back another time and we’ll recheck our stock.
  2. The book is in too poor of a condition for us to resell. See condition guidelines.
  3. We no longer carry that series, title, category, or type of book. For instance, we don’t carry serial romances, textbooks, or encyclopedias.
  4. We are not confident we can resell the book. For example, hard cover books are accepted on a case-by-case basis, usually limited to newer releases, nonfiction, and children’s series.

Used Book Condition Guidelines

We will consider any book or RPG that is in good condition, whether paperback or hard cover, for trade. However, we generally do not accept books with the following problems:

  • Hard cover books missing their dust jacket
  • Loose or missing pages
  • Ripped or torn pages or cover
  • Water damage
  • Food or drink spills
  • Dirt, mold or mildew
  • Tape on the cover or pages
  • Insect damage

Sorry, but we do not accept encyclopedias, textbooks or Serial Romances. We reserve the right to refuse any book or game.

Used Designer Game Condition Guidelines

As a rule of thumb, we don’t usually carry games you can buy at Target, Walmart and the like, so we don’t accept them for trade credit.

Condition is very important to gamers, so we generally do not accept games with the following problems:

  • Missing parts
  • Severely dented, torn or mangled boxes
  • Water damage
  • Food or drink spills
  • Dirt, mold or mildew
  • Insect damage

Not all traded games will earn premium trade credit, some earn regular trade credit. Games must be complete, no missing pieces, to be considered for trade credit.


We’re always willing to accept donations of books and games. Anything we can’t use in our store, we’ll either send to troops (see Books for Troops Program), place in our next semi-annual book sale, or donate to a local charity like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Dispensing with Large Collections

Got a lot of books you need to get rid of? We can help. In exchange for books suitable for our stock, we’ll pick up your unwanted books and find homes for them. We don’t believe in throwing away books unless they have mold or severe damage, so you can rest assured they won’t go in the landfill. Any books we can’t use we’ll donate to a local charity. We can even mail you the receipt from the local charity if you request it.

Categories We’re Currently Buying

Got books to sell? We’re currently looking for:

  • Roleplaying Games (see Tim)
  • Ancient History (see Tim)
  • Southern History (see Tim)
  • Recent Sci Fi & Fantasy (see Tim)
  • Parapsychology (see Tim or Tina)
  • Designer Games (see Tina)

Anything else, especially if its offbeat, obscure or ancient, give us call. We typically don’t buy mass-market paperbacks unless they’re recent science fiction/fantasy, though we do accept them and most other categories for trade.


We occasionally accept books on consignment to sell in our store and/or online – typically only books that we would price at $50 or more. This includes current textbooks (July thru February).

We split the proceeds 50/50, after expenses, if any. If we sell the item in-store, there are generally no expenses involved, however, online there are.




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