Exciting games coming in September to Here Be Books & Games

Exciting games coming in September to Here Be Books & Games

We're very excited about the new games arriving in September. Here's a quick preview of our favorites:

Obsession: Think Downton Abbey the strategy board game or Upstairs Downstairs, Pride & Prejudice - take your pick. Regardless, there's a lot of strategy in this game. It's Tina's new obsession.

Your goal is to court the interest of the Fairchild heirs in the hopes of marrying off one of your eligible children to them. To do this you must attract influential guests, put on social events and show you are a distinguished family that can maintain a sterling reputation. Of course this requires the management of many servants and every shilling you can scrape up. Are you up to the task?

Along with the base game, we've also ordered the Wessex and Upstairs Downstairs expansions and the promo tile set.


Recto Verso: This is a reprint of La Boca. Up to 6 people can play this cooperative game where only one person wins.

In Recto Verso, you'll be paired up with each of your opponents twice during the game to cooperatively build a structure. The catch is that you can each only see one side of the structure. Oh, and it plays in real time, the quicker you correctly build the structure the higher your score. The winner is the player who plays best (and quickest) with others.

Virtu: A heavyweight Euro rondel engine-building game. Whew! Say that one three times fast!

We have not had a chance to play this one yet, but a demo is on the way. Interested in renting it? Let us know!

Dog Park: Looks like a family-weight cross between Wingspan and Parks with beautiful artwork featuring a variety of dog breeds.

This is the Kickstarter version with fancy components. We may open stock for a demo, we have not yet decided. Let us know if this is something you're interested in renting.

Akropolis: A light to medium-weight quick-playing tile placement/stacking game.

We have a demo of this low interaction game on the way so you can try before you buy. Let us know if you'd like to rent it.

Final Girl: A one-player game in which you play the last survivor trying to eliminate the feature movie's slasher.

While it's highly rated, I am not fond of the idea that when you buy the Core Box you do not get a playable game. To play the game you must also buy one of the Feature Film boxes. We've ordered four of the Feature Film boxes for stock -  Frightmare on Maple Lane, Carnage at the Carnival, Slaughter in the Groves, Haunting of Creech Manor, and Happy Trails Horror - in addition to the Core Box. We are not planning to add a demo of this to our Game Library.

Well, that's a wrap of the new games we're most excited about that we're expecting in September. Happy Gaming!

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