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Tim explaining how to play a board game

At Here Be Books & Games, we feel that a well-balanced life includes relaxation, fun and lots of play. So we're here to help you relax, unplug, and engage via board games, jigsaw puzzles and roleplaying games.

Because we love board games and are avid gamers ourselves, we know our products and stand behind our selections. We're patient and adept at teaching games. Hence our motto "We'll teach you how to play!"

From our earliest days as a couple, we dreamed of having a book and game store. We started Here Be Books & Games in 2005 with the desire to help you find books and games you love, so you can relax and unwind with a good book or unplug and engage with friends and family over a board game. 

Most of the books are gone now and jigsaw puzzles have been added to the mix, but the dream remains the same: helping you take a break, laugh and have a good time. Old-fashioned fun like board games and jigsaw puzzles have never gone out of style. They've become more mainstream than ever. Maybe that's because board games offer so many possibilities for enjoyment: they can be relaxing, engaging, hilarious or brain-burning.

We're here to help you find the right games for you and the people you game with so you can have fun. We'll even teach you how to play!

The Reviews Are In

Here's a sampling of what people are saying about Here Be Books & Games on Facebook, Google and Yelp.

Went here to play during open game time. It was a blast! Tim was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. The people who came to play (2-3 who sounded like regulars) were also very patient and helpful in playing new games. We played 3 games, all of which were a lot of fun. We ended up buying one of them, along with another based upon recommendation. 5/5 would recommend coming to game day and/or stopping in if you are looking for something new/different.
- Melissa W.

This place is amazing!! Tim and Tina have recommended and taught us how to play nearly every game we own. They are kind and patient. I won’t buy my games anywhere else.
- Shavon H. 

When I first showed up I had been into gaming for a while but didn’t know anyone. I was immediately invited to sit down and play a game with one of the owners. Great customer service, friendly, kind, and knowledeable. A great place!!
- Ian M.

A great little store with extremely friendly and helpful owners. They love the games as much as their customers and are always willing to let you know about them or show you how to play a game. A nice selection of used books as well.
- Brian E.

I like to visit friendly local game stores whenever I'm in a new area. It just so happens that we were on our honeymoon in Charleston and my wife indulged my need for some board games by letting us visit Here Be Books & Games.

The owner, Tim, was more than happy to demo a couple games with us. He showed me and my wife how to play San Juan and Patchwork while also manning the shop. Tim's patience and friendliness made our visit to the shop a great way to escape the Charleston afternoon heat and enjoy some board games.

It's great to find a shop that is focused on what the owner really loves in life. He's got old books, board games, and even his wife with him in the shop. It's very surreal to be playing a game and hear Tina talk about PHP and website scripting in the background! I look forward to visiting again if we're ever in the area.
- Billy N.

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