Games & Puzzles Up for Auction, Saturday, June 22, 2024, 6pm

Games & Puzzles Up for Auction, Saturday, June 22, 2024, 6pm

Last Update: Monday, June 16, 2024 12:39 pm

Here is the list of games that will be up for auction on Saturday, June 22, 2024, during our quarterly Game & Puzzle Auction on our Discord server. The fun begins at 6:00 PM.

The Final List in approximate auction order will be made available the week before the auction:

Register Now!

Want to bid on something in this auction? Register now!
Just call Tina at (843) 851-1498
(Here Be Books & Games' landline).

Time is running out and space is limited to 23 bidders.

The names of all officially registered bidders for this auction appear in green on our Discord server. If your Discord username isn't green right now, then you're not registered and will not be able to enter the Game Auction Voice Channel to bid in the auction until you call and register.

Proxy Bids

If there’s something you’re interested in, but will not be able to attend the auction, call Tina ASAP at (843) 851-1498. She can bid for you by proxy. Just let her know the specific lot number(s) you want and your maximum bid for each lot.

You must be a registered bidder to submit a proxy bid. So, you‘ll also need to register and provide your payment details, the same as any other bidder. Deadline for proxy bids is noon Saturday, June 22.

Bidding on Leftovers

Occasionally a few lots are left over at the end of the auction. This most often happens with lots that have multiple games in them or high reserves. Tina posts a list of Unsold Leftover Games in the Game Auction text channel at the end of the auction.

You can view it by logging into our Discord Server, entering the #game-auction text channel and scrolling up from the most recent post until you see Tina's post with the list.

If there's a particular game or game on the Leftovers List that you'd like to buy, text us at (843) 695-1498 by 10 am Sunday, June 23 with the name of the game and your offer. We'll take it to the buyer and if the buyer accepts it your credit card will automatically be charged in the amount of your offer.

Alpha List of Games

  • 2040 American Insurgency    Rebels vs Federals in 21st century United States
  • 7 Wonders    Draft cards to develop your ancient civilization and build its Wonder of the World
  • Adventure Maximus    A card based, introductory Role Playing Game
  • Alien Frontiers + Upgrade pack    Race to develop and colonize the surface of the planet
  • Alma Mater    Players serve as headmasters of universities seeking to establish themselves
  • Ascension Curse of the Golden Isle    Unlock mysterious cursed treasures while avoiding a ghastly pirate crew
  • Bang! The Dice Game    A wild west elimination dice game with secret teams
  • Bardsung    Inspire the Songs. Live your Legend
  • Battle at Kemble's Cascade    It's your favorite 80s shoot-em-up! Blast aliens, asteroids, and a giant final boss!
  • Battle of the Sexes    It's Men vs Women in the ultimate showdown
  • Battlecon: Fate of the Indines    Combine a shared moveset with characters' unique styles in a card battler
  • Binding of Isaac Four Souls 1st edition    A multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding
  • Blood of an Englishman    Are you quick enough to steal from the Giant, or will he catch you in the act?
  • Boss Monster    Build the ultimate side-scrolling dungeon to lure and defeat Heroes for their souls
  • Call to Adventure    Hero or Foe? You decide in this tile chucking, character building game
  • Campaign Manager 2008    Turn the tide in 20 critical swing states to ensure your man gets to the White House
  • Castle Panic Deluxe    Defend the castle with a deluxe version of Castle Panic and all the expansions
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig + expansions & organizer    Choose and play tiles to satisfy the king's whims and build the best fantasy castle
  • City of Kings (NIS)    Explore the land! Improve your skills! Battle dynamic monsters to protect the City!
  • Cloudspire    Use towers, minions, and heroes to help your faction claim an island in the sky
  • Codenames Pictures    Give your team one-word coded clues, trying to identify specific image cards
  • Coimbra    Spread your influence across monasteries of Portugal and beyond
  • CoraQuest    A cooperative and customizable dungeon crawl adventure for the entire family
  • Cranium Wow    The smash-hit board game that brings friends and family together through a variety of activities
  • Crypt     Send your servants down into the crypt to procure the best treasure
  • Curious Cargo    Build your facilities with interweaving networks of tiles to ship cargo
  • Dune Betrayal (NIS)    Decide who you can trust in this social deduction game set in the Dune universe
  • Exiled Legends    Build your team of Heroes and fight to gain control in the Banesphere
  • Fallout Shelter    Vault Dwellers compete to become the Overseer of their Vault
  • Firefly Out to the Black    Cooperative game of fightin', flyin' and thinkin' in the Firefly universe
  • Flip City (NIS)    Build a city by playing double-sided cards and use money and powers to flip cards
  • Fort    Build the most awesome fort while making friends, collecting toys and eating pizza
  • Fortune & Glory    Feel like Indiana Jones on the hunt for ancient artifacts around the world
  • Fox in the Forest    In this trick-taking game for 2, you must win more than your rival—but not too much!
  • Friday    Only Friday can help Robinson Crusoe survive the hazards of this deserted island
  • Fun Facts    Where do you rank compared to everyone else at the table?
  • Funglish    Choose from a wide selection of good adjectives to describe things without speaking
  • Fuse    Hurry up! Disarm the bomb by collectively assembling the correct dice combinations
  • Galactic Strike Force    Scoundrels team up to save the galaxy
  • Genotype    Grab a trowel and breed pea plants on your way to become a master geneticist
  • Get on Board New York & London    Try to create the best bus line in this flip-and-write game
  • Gloomhaven    Vanquish monsters with strategic cardplay. Fulfill your quest to leave your legacy!
  • Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion    Vanquish monsters with strategic cardplay in a 25-scenario Gloomhaven campaign
  • Goonies: Never Say Die    Embark on perilous adventures full of dangerous booby traps and treacherous treasure!
  • Guardians    Teams of heroes fight for control over a variety of unusual locations
  • Guardian's Call    Gather weapons, artifacts and spells to defend your people
  • Hacker    The logic game that proves coding can be cool!
  • Harbour (NIS)    Outwit and outsell your competitors in a quick shifting fantasy market
  • Harry Potter Hogwart's Battle    Defend iconic locations with your friends against You-Know-Who and his cronies
  • Haspelknecht    Find coal, build and operate your mine for the most profit
  • Hellenica + Leaders & Legends expansion    Lead your city-state to become the preeminent symbol of Greece in this 3.5x game!
  • Imperial Struggle    France and Britain clash globally over trade, influence and territory in the 1700s
  • Last Light    Alien factions gather light from a white dwarf star at the end of the universe
  • Lawyer Up + Godfather & Witch Trial expansions    An asymmetric two-player card game that pits the defense against the prosecution
  • Legends of Sleepy Hallow + Ghost of Tarry Town exp    Unravel the mysteries and become true Legends of Sleepy Hollow
  • Life The Simpsons   
  • Lincoln's War    Politics & personalities in the war between the states
    Lotus    Bid with petal cards for mystical blooms
  • Machi Koro Bright Lights, Big City    Develop a city, complete with impressive landmarks, as the Mayor of Machi Koro
  • Marvel United base game + Enter the Spider-verse    Cooperate as Marvel Heroes to stop the Villains' master plans!
  • Masters of Renaissance     Build an effective engine while puzzling out the market and your limited storage
  • Medium    Mind meld with a partner to find the word that connects two played word cards
  • Mind, The    Play your cards in ascending order without communicating. Timing is key!
  • Monikers    A dumb party game that respects your intelligence
    Monopoly Playmaster   
  • Monster Expedition    Use dice and the skills of already captured monsters to increase your collection
  • Mosaic + Wars & Disasters expansion    A card-drafting, engine-building civilization game
  • Munchkin Deluxe    Attack and loot in this humorous, card-based dungeon crawler
  • Nancy Drew Mystery at Magnolia Gardens    Help Nancy Drew solve the mystery
  • Nevsky (NIS)    Take control of the Teutons or Russians on the 13th century Baltic frontier
  • Newton    Align 5 colors in a row to win
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf    An app-driven Werewolf that lasts but a single night. Wolves and villagers beware!
  • Paint the Roses    A puzzling day in Wonderland working together to outsmart the Queen of Hearts
  • Pandemic Iberia    Travel from Barcelona to Lisboa to cure malaria, typhus, yellow fever, and cholera
  • Patchwork    Piece together a quilt and leave no holes to become the button master
  • Pathfinder Mummy's Mask    Level up your party in this card-and-dice fantasy campaign set in the desert
  • Peloponnesian War    Athens, Sparta and Thebes battle for the supremacy of ancient Greece
  • Pick-A-Pepper    Collect chili peppers, then convert them into the hottest sauces you can
  • Pioneer Days    Hitch up the wagon and head west. Avoid disasters, dig for gold, and ride to victory
  • Planted    Care for your very own collection of houseplants
  • Police Precinct 2nd edition + promo cards    Eat donuts, solve a crime, catch the bad guy
  • Power Grid    Bid, network, and manage resources in a race to supply the most cities with power
  • Project Airlock    Your crew must work together to survive the hazardous journey back to their home planet
  • Prowler's Passage    Steal the best items, create the longest passages, and control districts!
  • Pursuit of Happiness    Live your life to the fullest! Start relationships, careers, hobbies, and more
  • Puzzles 2 1000 piece  
  • Puzzles 2 Caraval (YA series) (NIS) 
  • Puzzles 3 Buffalo 1000 piece
  • Puzzles 3 by Josephine Wall 1000 piece  
  • Queen's Necklace    Create the finest pieces of jewellery to attract the Queen's eye
  • Quests of Valeria    Assemble a crew with the resources and roles needed to earn points on quests!
  • Raptor    Elude or chomp humans as the mama raptor; neutralize her offspring as the scientists
  • Realm of Sand    Select tiles to outscore your opponents in this spatial puzzle
  • Red Scare Redux    Spy-themed, team-focused, competitive card game where you race to complete objectives
  • Robinson Crusoe    Work together — with friends or with Friday — to survive on a deserted island
  • Robot or Not    Prove you're not a robot!
  • Robotech Cyclone Run    A small area, fast-playing, competitive dice-based game
  • Roll Player Adventures (NIS)    Choose wisely in this RPG style adventure - every decision has lasting consequences
  • Run, Cowboy, Run!    A strategic, western themed trick-taking game
  • Salton Sea    Extract brine and manage the most efficient geothermal company
  • Scythe Modular gameboard   
  • Shaolia    A fast-paced, dueling game of kingdom building filled with deadly strategy & tactics
  • Shores of Tripoli    A card-driven historical wargame of the First Barbary War
  • Siege Storm    Two armies rush forward on two Tracks, crashing into one another’s defenses
  • Skymines    Mine the Moon and invest in promising companies to make yourself a fortune
  • Skytear Horde    Fight waves of monsters and defeat the Outsider to repel the horde
  • Sleeping Gods    Voyages of the steamship "Manticore" and her crew on the Wandering Sea
  • Smash-Up + Pretty, Pretty expansion    Combine two awesome factions and battle opponents to see who rules
  • Snakesss    Watch out for hidden snakes who are trying to get you to pick the wrong answer...
  • Space Cadets    Save the ship and accomplish your mission through realtime puzzle minigames
  • Spring & Autumn + Minis expansion (NIS)    An immersive 4x game set during a unique period of China's history
  • Star Trek Fluxx    Set a course for the final frontier with Star Trek Fluxx!
  • Star Wars Chess Saga Edition   
  • Star Wars Risk Clone Wars Edition   
  • Star Wars Trivial Pursuit DVD Saga Edition 
  • Stardew Valley    Build your farm, grow crops, and exploreStardew Valley!
  • Suburbia Collectors edition    Build a unique city even more beautiful than before. Includes every expansion made
  • Take Off!    Race your jet around the world on a map of a myriad of tricky routes
  • Terracotta Army     Build the Terracotta Army to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife
  • The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine    Go on many planet-discovering space missions in this cooperative trick-taking game
  • Through the Ages    Rewrite history as you build up your civilization in this epic card drafting game!
  • Thunder Road Vandetta    Crews race and shoot to be the last car standing
  • Trapwords    Navigate your way in the dungeon by explaining things without mentioning trapwords!
  • Twilight Struggle    Relive the Cold War and rewrite history in an epic clash between the USA and USSR
  • Unspeakable Words    Create words that bend reality but try to hold on to your sanity!
  • Wizard Kittens + Magical Monsters expansion    Wizard Kittens must defeat the curses before they're caught by the librarian
  • WoW Wrath of the Lich King    Survive against hordes of undead on Azeroth to face off against the Lich King

Don’t miss out! Register NOW by calling Tina at (843) 851-1498.

For more information about the auction, please see the FAQ, and our blog post for the upcoming event.

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