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Altiplano is a bag-building game along the lines of Orléans set in the South American highlands of the Andes - the Altiplano.

Altiplano (Reiner Stockhausen's follow-up to Orléans) puts you in the South American highlands, where you must be creative to develop the available resources and vegetation of the high plateau between the Eastern and Western Andes. Learn to thrive by fishing in Lake Titicaca, mining ore, breeding alpacas, and trading goods. Build roads to speed up your development and store goods in your warehouse so that you are able to survive the difficult climate of this particular region.

Don't let the charming rural setting fool you - Altiplano has layers of strategy to discover. You must plan cleverly and be flexible enough to adapt yourself to the rough conditions of the Altiplano if you want to have the highest yield in the end!

Includes "Mission" Expansion!

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 12 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 5
Playing Time:
60 to 120 minutes

Designer: Stockhausen, Reiner
Klemens Franz, Andrea Kattnig, Jeff Oglesby
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios


pool building, bag building, variable player powers, strategy, Altiplano

Awards & Honors


5 action boards, 5 warehouses, 5 game figures, 5 markers, 5 containers, 7 role cards, 28 extensions, 1 extension strip, more than 200 goods tiles, 15 cards, 50 coins, 10 house cards, 10 boat cards, 16 order cards, 5 cloth bags, 1 starting player token, 1 score pad, 5 VP overviews, 20 mission cards, 1 rules manual.