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Canasta Card Game

Canasta Card Game

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Bicycle Canasta easy to learn basic Canasta. Canasta is a classic rummy game where you aim to meld same-rank cards into high-scoring canastas. 

Canasta burst onto the scene in 1950 and created the biggest card game craze to ever hit the country. Millions were (and are) captivated by the tantalizing twists of this great game and its romantic South American origin.

Game play is authentic. Your partnership aims to score 5,000 points by laying down sets of cards and adding them. Claiming the Prize pile can make you point total soar. Freezing the Prize pile helps to thwart your opponents. Form a Canasta (7 or more cards of the same type) then go out to claim your bonuses.


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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players:
4 to 6
Playing Time:
45 to 90 minutes

Designer: Santos, Segundo and Alberto Serrato

Publisher: Bicycle


set collection, rummy game, traditional card game, team play, partnerships

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108 Canasta cards