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Caper Europe

Caper Europe

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Caper Europe - Masterfully plan the perfect heist. Play your cards right and you'll be the greatest mastermind ever to roam Europe.

Hire a crew of thieves, equip them with gear, and take on the role of a mastermind to pull off capers across Europe. In this deviously delightful two-player game, you must outsmart the other mastermind by drafting card combos and collecting sets of stolen goods. Will you become the best mastermind to wander Europe?


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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 10 and up
Number of Players:
Playing Time:
25 to 45 minutes

Designer: Rubio, Unai
Josh Emrich
Publisher: Keymaster Games


Area Majority, Open Drafting, Set Collection, Tug of War

Awards & Honors


game board, 1 round tracker, 3 caper trackers. 10 coins, 113 cards (27 thieves, 54 gear, 28 locations) 4 city guides, 12 stolen goods tokens, rule book, 1 player aids, score pad