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Carcassonne: The Barber Surgeons Mini Expansion

Carcassonne: The Barber Surgeons Mini Expansion

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Carcassonne: The Barber Surgeons Mini Expansion

Bathhouses had several purposes during the Middle Ages. You could take a bath while sharing the latest gossip, as well as, enjoy a highly professional medical treatment from a barber-surgeon. Of course, your Meeple will be enjoying his time in the bathhouse, so he won't be able to help you. There are ways to retrieve him though.


Setup - Shuffle 4, 5 or 6 bathhouse tiles with the rest of the land tiles, according to player count: 2, 3 or 4 players respectively.

When you draw a tile with a bathhouse, place it according to the normal rules and add a follower as desired, but not on the bathhouse itself.

When a city or road containing a bathhouse is completed, the owner of the city or road scores points as normal, plus the number of additional points shown on the banners of any bathhouses there. Then, if only one meeple was involved in the scoring, the meeple's owner must move that meeple to any free/empty bathhouse, placing the meeple on its side to indicate it's enjoying the bathhouse. If there are no free bathhouses or multiple meeples were involved in the feature's scoring, then the owner takes back her meeple as normal.

You can retrieve your meeple from a bathhouse for free when you place the last Land tile that surrounds that bathhouse (the same way you complete monasteries). The returned meeple does not score any points when returned. Alternatively, you can pay the number of points shown on the bathhouse's banner to retrieve your meeple. Note: if the bathhouse is already surrounded by eight tiles when your meeple visits it, you'll have to pay points if you want to retrieve him.

Contents: 6 new land tiles, rule sheet.

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    Publisher: Asmodee


    Mini Expansion, Carcassonne

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