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Crisis: The Game Designers Mini-Expansion

Crisis: The Game Designers Mini-Expansion

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Crisis: The Game Designers Mini-Expansion


Add the two tiles to the cloth bag.


When setting up for a new (or the first) round, if you draw a Game Designer, place the tile along with the other Employee tiles in one of the spaces of the 9. Employees location

During the 3. Planning phase, a player can reserve a Game Designer Employee just like any other, and claim it during the 4. Operations phase

When resolving 13. Production, the Game Designer may be used to fulfill any necessary Employee position in a company card.

Just like with other Employees, the Game Designer may also be used as a bonus Employee, adding +1 to any modifier that a Company card may have

Contents: 2 tokens, rules in English and German.

Condition: New

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Publisher: Frosted Games


Christmas, Advent Calendar, Promos, Expansion, Crisis

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