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Francis Drake

Francis Drake

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Francis Drake - Emulate the feats of Francis Drake on three voyages to the Caribbean heart of Spain's New World as swashbuckling Elizabethan privateers.

Sail on the adventure of a lifetime!

As swashbuckling Elizabethan privateers, players are attempting to emulate the feats of Francis Drake on three voyages to the Caribbean heart of Spain's New World. There they acquire Aztec Gold, Incan Silver and precious jewels. The fabled treasure repositories of Cartagena, Havana, Panama and Veracruz beckon you and are ripe for the plucking.

But first these aspiring captains must prepare for their voyages and compete with each other in Plymouth for the limited crew, guns, ships, pinnaces, supplies and trade goods that will be needed.

Time is of the essence here, since it is a race to provision their ships and leave Plymouth Harbor first.

Each player then charts a course on the Spanish Main and completes up to 4 missions. Information from 'The Informer' as well as the captured Spanish Admiral and Governor will help, as will aid from the Queen, English investors and Drake himself.

Who will be the first to raid Panama and Cartagena, or to find the great Treasure Fleets bound for Spain?

Careful planning of your missions, the correct acquisitions, astute strategical maneuvers, setting sail on the first available tide and touch of Drake's guile will lead to success over your rival captains.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
3 to 5
Playing Time:
90 to 120 minutes

Designer: Hawes, Peter
Franz Vohwinkel
Publisher: Eagle Games


Bluffing, Exploration, Nautical, Pirates, Renaissance, Dice Rolling, Press Your Luck, Secret Unit Deployment, Set Collection, Worker Placement

Awards & Honors

2015 Best Australian Awards Best Australian Game Nominee
2014 Origins Awards Best Historical Board Game Nominee
2013 Meeples' Choice Nominee
2013 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee
2013 Board Game Quest Awards Best Production Values Nominee


1 Rule Book, 1 Game Board, 1 Voyage Marker, 5 Frigates, 5 Galleons, 5 Ship Logs, 5 Treasure Chests, 30 Mission Discs (6 in each player color), 50 Player Discs (10 in each player color), 20 Player Cubes (4 in each player color), 5 Player Scoring Markers,?5 Investor Tiles, 1 Plymouth Harbor Chart, 48 Location Tiles (3 sets of 16: 3,4 and 5 Player sets), 4 Spanish Troop Counters (plus 1 spare set), 3 Spanish Frigate Counters (plus 1 spare set), 3 Spanish Galleon Counters, 1 Governor Counter, 1 Admiral Counter,?1 Informer Counter, 2 Pinnace Counters, 1 Sheet of Stickers (with 1 spare set), 4 Sets of Commodities (3 Indigo, 6 Sugar, 6 Coffee, 6 Tobacco), 28 Grey 'Crew' Cubes, 28 Black 'Guns' Cubes, 8 Purple 'Trade Goods' Cubes, 21 Supplies (Barrels), Treasure (Glass Stones) (12 Gold, 12 Silver and 9 Jewels), 1 Die