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Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game (LCG) - Revised Core Set

Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game (LCG) - Revised Core Set

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In The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, players assemble a band of adventurers who are attempting to complete dangerous quests in Middle-earth. From the bright fields of the Shire and the dangerous paths of Mirkwood Forest to the mighty kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan, the heroes of this beloved setting join together to resist the threat of the Dark Lord, Sauron.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a 1-4 player cooperative game in which players work together, competing against scenarios controlled by the game. As a Living Card Game, additional cards and quests will be available in future expansions, further allowing players to customize the contents of this set, or to create their own original decks.

With increased contents and some quality-of-life improvements, this new version of the classic LCG’s core set is the perfect opportunity for a new player to dive into the game.

The Revised Core Set includes cards to allow Campaign Mode (previous core set was strictly standalone scenarios), entirely new Boon and Burden mechanics that add cards that persist with the players from scenario to scenario, and full support for 4 players in the core box.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
30 minutes per player

Designer: Nate French

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games


card game, fantasy, novel-based, co-operative play, hand management, variable player powers, solo play, Lord of the Rings LCG

Awards & Honors

2022 UK Games Expo Best Card Game (Strategic) People's Choice Award Winner
2022 UK Games Expo Best Card Game (Strategic) Judges Award Winner


learn to play, 1 rules reference, 188 player cards, 12 hero cards, 84 encounter cards, 10 quest cards, 3 campaign cards, 16 boon/burden cards, 57 resource tokens, 66 damage tokens, 66 progress tokens, 4 threat dials, 1 first player token