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Giga Mech Games

Machina Arcana 3rd edition

Machina Arcana 3rd edition

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In Machina Arcana players take on the role of explorers thrown into dreadful halls, scratching for survival and progressing through the chapters from one of many horror stories. Even if they manage to stay alive until the end of the story, they will face a special mini game at the finale of each scenario.

The unique environment, interactive inventory, combat mechanics, and tactical diversity are all enveloped in an integral storytelling experience that provides both total immersion in the world and full replay value.

But beware! A horde of unique and terrifying monsters are bent on destroying your party. If that isn't enough, Horror itself disrupts and hinders any remaining hope in these comfortless chambers.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
30 to 240 minutes

Designer: Juraj Bilich

Publisher: Giga Mech Games


Action Points, Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Finale Ending, Horror, Storytelling

Awards & Honors

2022 Gra Roku Expert Game of the Year Nominee
2022 Gra Roku Best Thematic Game Nominee


8 explorer cards & figures, 29 monster cards & figures, 35 chapter cards, 156 item cards, 60 explorer event cards, 60 horror event cards, 13 map tiles, 34 mound/count tokens, 4 wooden health tokens, 4 wooden stamina tokens, 4 wooden essence tokens, 12 explorer markers, 4 horror markers, 12 closed door figures, 10 destroyed door tokens, 56 destroyed/light tokens, 2 entry/exit tokens, 3 Wooden threat/spawn/horror tokens, 1 wooden monster level token, 3 high attack dice (d6), 3 low attack dice (d6), 1 recharge die (d6), 1 game die (d10), 1 dice bag, 1 chapter board, 4 player boards, 49 figure stands, 4 player aids, 1 manual, 1 guidebook