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Portal of Heroes: Diamonds Mini-Expansion

Portal of Heroes: Diamonds Mini-Expansion

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The Portal of Heroes: Diamonds Mini-Expansion

Includes 20 diamond tokens


Shuffle the diamond tokens up and place them face down (ie: diamond side up) in easy reach for all players


Each time you earn diamonds during the game, take that many diamond tokens from the pile instead of character cards. Turn your diamonds over and put them to the left of your portal face up.

On your turn you may use diamonds to either:
a) increase the value of a pearl card OR
b) use their special ability

Once used, remove the diamond from the game.

You may use more than one diamond on your turn. If the diamond pile runs out, reshuffle all previously discarded diamonds

Contents: 20 tokens, rules in English and German.

Condition: New

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Publisher: Frosted Games


Christmas, Advent Calendar, Promos, Expansion, Portal of Heroes

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