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Red Dragon Inn Allies: Pooky

Red Dragon Inn Allies: Pooky

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The Red Dragon Inn Allies: Pooky is a new character expansion for The Red Dragon Inn. It allows you to add another player character to your Red Dragon Inn game.

Introducing Pooky the Vicious. While the master's away, the familiar will play!

Zot's turning in early for the night, but Pooky's not done with the party. With a stash of gold and a big chip on his wee shoulder, this strange little rabbit-thing is looking to prove that he's more than just Zot's whipping bunny.

The Good: In the dungeon, Pooky's psychotic behavior has gotten the party out of some pretty nasty jams.

The Bad: That rabbit is even more insane without Zot's influence... Seriously.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies is a new series of expansions for any standalone The Red Dragon Inn game. Each Allies set includes a single Character Deck, plus components to add a brand new character to your game.

The Red Dragon Inn Allies: Pooky is a new character expansion for The Red Dragon Inn and not a standalone product. You will need at least one more character and a Drink Deck from another Red Dragon Inn product to play.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 10
Playing Time:
5 to 20 minutes

Designer: Bottone, Geoff and Colleen Skadl and Cliff Bohm
Kennon James
Publisher: SlugFest Games


card game, betting, wagering, trick

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40-card Character deck, player mat, mood card, mood marker, fortitude marker, alcohol content marker, gold coin tokens, rules, rules reminder card