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Tales of Ravenloft

Tales of Ravenloft

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 Tales of Ravenloft, TSR mass market paperback 1994.

Prologue: The Crucible of Dr. Rudolph van Richten (David Wise)
The Vanished Ones (Chet Williamson)
The House of a Hundred Windows (Mark Anthony)
Song Snatcher (Elaine Cunningham)
Undefiled (James M. Ward)
The Briar at the Window (Roger E. Moore)
Nocturne (Allen C. Kupfer)
The Wailing (Kate Novak)
Von Kharkov (Gene DeWeese)
Sight and Sound (D. J. Heinrich)
The Judgment of abd-al-Mamat (Jeff Grubb)
The Rigor of the Game (James Lowder)
Cold, Hard Silver (Juanita Coulson)
Objects d'Art (J. Robert King)
The Freak (Nick Pollotta)
The Weaver's Pride (Elaine Bergstrom)
The Glass Man (William W. Connors)
Dark Tryst (Andria Cardarelle)
Caretaker (P. N. Elrod)

 Condition:  Fair, top right corner of pages have water damage, reader's creases.


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Author: various

Binding: mass market paperback

Publisher: TSR
Year Published: