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Come with us to Amsterdam!
Players take the role of influential merchants at the end of the 19th century who must make furniture, tiles, and glassware transporting them to a suitable warehouse in the port. To accomplish this task, they must skillfully play cards and opportunistically select dice to gain the needed resources, which will allow them to acquire blocks of houses and move their ship through the harbor.

Both advanced planning and tactical aptitude will be needed to advance your plans. The winner is the player who has the most prestige at the end of the game.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
60 to 90 minutes

Designer: Stefan Feld
Christian Fiore, Klemens Franz, Patricia Limberger, Andreas Resch
Publisher: Queen Games


Action Points, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Route Building, Open Drafting, Pick-up and Deliver, Set Collection, Solo Game

Awards & Honors


1 game board, 1 game round board, 1 game round tracker, 36 commodity tiles, 16 market tiles, 40 coins, 25 penalty tokens, 1 starting player crest, 240 resource cubes, 1 resource board, 6 dice, 132 playing cards, 6 district tiles, 12 dock workers, 1 cotton bag, 6 x5 multipliers, 4 player boards, 8 overview cards,4 roundels, 60 control crests, 4 100/200 point tiles, 4 Amstel discs, 4 barge tokens, 4 row boats, 1 rules booklet, 1 addendum
Expansion contents: 1 supervisor, 1 baliff, 42 secret orders, 1 Stefan Feld statuette, 8 market tiles