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Card Sleeves: Mini Chimera Premium (Red) 43mm x 65mm - 50 pack

Card Sleeves: Mini Chimera Premium (Red) 43mm x 65mm - 50 pack

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These Mini Chimera Premium Card Sleeves, manufactured by Mayday Games, are designed for cards of 43 MM X 65 MM size. These Premium thickness sleeves are 125% thicker than normal card sleeves for maximum protection.


  • Mini Fantasy Size Card Sleeves
  • Size: 43mm x 65mm
  • Clear Polypropylene
  • Acid Free, No PVC
  • Archival Safe
  • Qty: 50 sleeves

Appropriate for:

  • The Adventurers
  • Agents of SMERSH
  • Arkham Horror
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Chaos in the Old World
  • City of Horror
  • Constantinopolis
  • El Caballero
  • Eldritch Horror: Forsaken Lore
  • A Game of Thrones
  • Mansions of Madness
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
  • Thebes

For a thinner sleeve option, try the Mini Chimera Card Sleeves.

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Card Sleeves FAQ

What is the purpose of card sleeves? 
Card sleeves protect your cards from damage and wear.

What's the difference between Premium and Standard card sleeves? 
Premium card sleeves are 125% thicker than Standard card sleeves, making them more durable than Standard sleeves. Cards sleeved in Premium Card Sleeves feel really nice, crisp and substantial. 

If space in your game box is tight, however, Standard Card Sleeves might be a better choice as Premium-sleeved cards will noticeably take up more room.

Premium Card Sleeves typically come in packs of 50, while Standard Card Sleeves usually come in packs of 100. You'll want to take this into consideration when calculating the number of packs you need to order.

Will card sleeves scratch my cards? 
No, card sleeves are specifically designed to prevent scratches and other damage to your cards.

How do you properly sleeve cards? 
Slide your card into the sleeve, bottom first.

If you are double sleeving, slide your card into the first/inner sleeve, top first. The sleeve opening will be at the bottom of the card.
Then slide your sleeved card into the outer sleeve top first, effectively sealing it in. The outer sleeve opening should be at the top.

What is Double Sleeving? 
Double Sleeving provides extra protection to your cards. Double Sleeving helps keep your cards dust-free and provides some protection from water.

How do you flatten sleeves on cards? 
Usually, card sleeves flatten over time and use. Some people use binders to flatten them faster.

Card Sleeve Finder

Mayday Games has made a Card Sleeve Finder - available as a browser app or spreadsheet - to help you find the right size card sleeve for your game's cards. It even tells you how many cards each game has.

Mayday updates their Card Sleeve Finder frequently. It covers over 4,000 games! Works on iOS, Android and PCs. The App loads right in your web browser, so just bookmark it.

App | Spreadsheet