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Challengers is an interactive Deck Management game with an original tournament gameplay style for 1-8 players. Play individually or with a group of friends!
Each round, each player improves their deck with new characters and battle against new opponents.

75 distinct characters with more than 40 exciting effects create a unique experience every game!

Challengers is an addictive deck management game with up to 4 duels played simultaneously in a unique tournament gameplay style! Face a new opponent each round in an intense duel!

From outer space aliens to deep-sea creatures, draft over 70 different characters and their unique abilities. Create the most eclectic team with the perfect synergy!

Capture the flag and win trophies! After the 7th match, the two players with the most trophies and fans will battle to become the Champion of Challengers!

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 8
Playing Time:
45 minutes

Designer: Johannes Kenner and Markus Slawitcheck
Jeff Harvey
Publisher: Z-Man Games


Deck Building, Finale Ending, Hand Management, Open Drafting

Awards & Honors


336 cards, 4 park playmats, 4 flag disks, 40 fan tokens, 28 trophies, 3 card trays, 2 rule books