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Concordia: Venus Expansion for Concordia

Concordia: Venus Expansion for Concordia

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Concordia: Venus Expansion for Concordia adds new Venus cards featuring two personalities, a team play variant with a sixth player, and two new maps (Ionium and Hellas) to Concordia.

Concordia Venus: With the help of Venus, the goddess of love and intimacy, two partners work together at a game of Concordia while competing against one or two other teams. Mutual understanding and coordinated planning are essential to succeed as a harmonious couple.

This Venus Expansion also offers a challenging new game variant for 2 to 5 individual players.

With additional game material for a sixth player and new game boards, Concordia: Venus can be integrated with the Concordia base game and all previous Concordia expansions, including Salsa.

Note: This is an expansion, it requires the Concordia base game to play.

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 6
Playing Time:
90 minutes

Designer: Gerdts, Mac
Marina Fahrenbach, Dominik Mayer
Publisher: Rio Grande Games


card drafting, deck building, hand management, point-to-point movement, team play, ancient, economic, expansion, Concordia

Awards & Honors


42 Wooden Pieces (15 houses, 3 sea colonists, 3 land colonists, 1 scoring marker, 19 individually shaped units of goods (4 brick, 3 food, 3 tools, 6 wine, 3 cloth), 1 turn order marker), Cardboard Pieces (1 storehouse, 10 sestertii coins (3 1s, 3 2s, 2 5s, 2 10 s), 1 card display, 1 Praefectus Magnus), 110 Cards (102 personality cards, 6 player aids, 1 Concordia, 1 Praefectus Magnus), 2-sided game board (Ionium/Hellas), game rules, and a quick intro