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Constantinopolis - Your time is now! 6th Century A.D. Become the most successful entrepreneur in Constantinopolis.

The year is 653 A.D. The place is Constantinopolis, the greatest trading city of the Byzantine Empire. You are a great merchant of the city, and this is your time. You have rivals, other merchants who think this is their time. But, they are wrong. Your canny business maneuvers will leave their ships, their cargoes, and them stuck in the shoals while you rise to vast wealth and preeminence in Constantinopolis

You'll acquire goods, ship them, and sell them faster and cheaper than your competitors... and at a greater profit, or heads will roll. 

In Constantinopolis, 2-5 players vie to become the most influential merchant in the city of Constantinopolis. Players deliver goods and passengers overseas, sell goods at home, donate to the city, and finance public buildings to become the wealthiest and most popular merchants in Constantinopolis

Wealth and acclaim await you!

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 12 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 5
Playing Time:
90 minutes

Designer: Fioretti, Giancarlo
Antonio Dessi
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games


auction, bidding, ancient, city building, economic, industry, nautical, transportation

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Rulebook, Game Board, 5 Player Sheets, 106 Contract Cards, 22 Ship Cards, 5 Market Cards, 68 Building Tiles, 85 Coin Tokens, 90 Wooden Goods Tokens, 20 Wooden Trading Post Tokens, 15 Wooden Player Markers