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CoraQuest is an exciting and accessible family co-operative tabletop game for one to four people, aged six and up.

In CoraQuest the players work together to guide four adventurers exploring a dungeon, avoiding traps, finding treasure, and sometimes rescuing a gnome called Kevin.

CoraQuest was designed by father and daughter duo Cora (age 8) and Dan (age 45) Hughes, as a fun creative project to work on together. They had such a good time using their imaginations to make the game, that they wanted to ensure that other people could have that experience too. That's why as well as being a fully playable game right out of the box, CoraQuest also sparks creativity, providing guidance on how to make your own heroes and monsters, and how to design your own adventures. There's even a free web app to help you design your own characters and print them on cool official-looking cards!

All the artwork in CoraQuest is inspired by kids' drawings, much of it sent in from all over the world by the wonderful CoraQuest community. The art has been brought together by our "chief-colourer-in", Gary King, to make a unique and charming-looking game.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 6 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
45 minutes

Designer: Cora Hughes, Dan Hughes
kids, Gary King
Publisher: Bright Eye Games


Cooperative, Dice Rolling, Line of Sight, Modular Board, Square Grid, Variable Player Powers

Awards & Honors

2022 Golden Geek Best Cooperative Game Nominee
2022 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Nominee


1 rule book, 1 quest book, 1 customization guide, 8 hero cards, 11 enemy cards, 29 standees, 5 health tracker dials, 35 dungeon cards, 63 item cards, 9 blank item cards, 2 countdown tracks, 47 tokens, 7 dice, 4 rule summary cards