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Everdell Pearlbrook 2nd edition

Everdell Pearlbrook 2nd edition

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Deep below the shimmering surface of the Pearlbrook river, a mysteriuos civilization of waterfolk is waiting...

Pearlbrook introduces a new side board, the river board, where you'll send your frog ambassador to gather a new resource: pearls. You'll also encounter new aquatic critters and constructions! Collect enough pearls and you can construct fabulous wonders and adornments, to make your city the pride of Everdell! It's time to take the plunge!

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 10 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 4
Playing Time:
60 to 90 minutes

Designer: James A Wilson
Andrew Bosley, Dann May
Publisher: Starling Games


Animals, Card Game, City Building, Fantasy, Drafting, End Game Bonuses, Worker Placement, expansion

Awards & Honors


32 stunningly illustrated cards, 1 gameboard, 25 plastic pearls, 4 3-d wonders, 9 wooden frogs, 24 wooden creatures (otter, platypus, axolotl, starling), 6 open/closed signs, 2 board overlays, 11 mini-cards, 3 3 point tokens, 1 rule book