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Looney Labs

Fluxx (v 5.0)

Fluxx (v 5.0)

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Fluxx (v 5.0) - The card game with ever changing rules! It starts out simple, with just the Basic Rule card: draw one card and play one card during each player's turn. But New Rule cards quickly make things chaotic.

Even the object of the game will often change as you play, as players swap out one Goal card for another. Can you get the Rocket to the Moon before someone changes the goal to Death by Chocolate?

There are 5 main types of cards in Fluxx:

  • Keepers: You put these out on the table in front of you when you play them.
  • Goals: When someone plays a goal, it stays in the center of the table until a new goal takes its place. To win, you simply need to do whatever the goal says. Most of the time, the goal requires you to have a couple of particular Keepers on the table in front of you. As soon as any player achieves the current goal, that player wins!
  • New Rules: This is where the fun really starts. When the game begins, the only rules are that you draw 1 card per turn and play 1 card per turn. But when you play a New Rule, these rules are either changed or added to. New Rules change the number of cards drawn and played per turn as well as the number of cards you are allowed to hold in your hand, the number of Keepers you can have, bonuses for players who have particular Keepers, and more.
  • Actions: These are 1 time use cards that let you do fun stuff like stealing someone else's Keeper, getting rid of a rule you don't like, drawing more cards, and so on.
  • Creepers: These are sort of like Keepers in that you keep them in front of you, but you have no choice about playing them and they usually stop you from winning. (But sometimes, Creepers are just what victory is calling for!)

Fluxx 5.0 was designed to be the perfect intro to the Fluxx system, while also building on all of the improvements Looney Labs made in this essential unthemed version over the years. They've gone back to a Creeper-free version to make it more accessible to new players, while adding some new Rules, Goals and Actions that have tested well in other recent versions.

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 6
Playing Time:
5 to 30 minutes

Designer: Looney, Andrew
Andrew Looney
Publisher: Looney Labs


card game, hand management, set collection, Fluxx

Awards & Honors

2005 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Japanese Game Nominee
1999 Mensa Select Winner


100 cards, instructions