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Horizons of Spirit Island

Horizons of Spirit Island

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Your island has been your home for more sunrises than the eldest of you can count. As Spirits, you are an essential part of the natural world, but something beyond nature, as well. Native islanders, known as the Dahan, have learned how to co-exist with the Spirits, but with a healthy dose of caution and respect. Your existence has been, for the most part, peaceful.
Now, your island has been "discovered" by invaders from a far-off land. These would-be colonists send their explorers across the island, taking over the land and upsetting the natural balance, destroying the presence of Spirits as they go. Your home is being blighted by their actions!
As Spirits, you must grow in power, draw energy from the natural world, and work together to drive the invaders from your island! Defend your home in Horizons of Spirit Island!

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
1 to 3
Playing Time:
90 to 120 minutes

Designer: R. Eric Reuss
Jason Behnke, Kat G Birmelin, Cari Corene, Lucas Durham, Nolan Nasser, Jorge Ramos, Moro Rogers
Publisher: Greater Than Games


Fantasy, Fighting, Mythology, Territory Building, Area Control, Area Influence, Cooperative Play, Hand Management, Modular Board, Set Collection, solo play, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Player Powers, solo play, Spirit Island

Awards & Honors


1 game board, 5 Spirit panels, 36 minor power cards, 22 major power cards, 20 unique power cards, 15 Fear cards, 15 Invader cards, 2 terror level divider cards, 39 presence discs, 27 Explorer tokens, 6 3-Explorer tokens, 24 town tokens, 18 city tokens, 21 Blight tokens, 24 Dahan tokens, 21 Fear tokens, 30 energy markers, 9 single turn effect markers, quick start guide