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Repos Production

Just One

Just One

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Just One, a cooperative party game. Work together to discover as many mystery words as possible!

Come up with the best clue to help your team mate, and be unique, as all identical clues will be cancelled!

A complete game is played over 13 cards. The goal is to get a score as close to 13 as possible. In case of a right answer, the players score 1 point. In case of wrong answer, they lose the current card as well as the top card of the deck. Thus losing 2 points. In case of lack of answer, the players only lose the current card, and therefore only 1 point.

You have the choice – make the difference!

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players:
3 to 7
Playing Time:
20 minutes

Designer: Roudy, Ludovic and Bruno Sautter

Publisher: Repos Production


party game, word game, cooperative play, Just One

Awards & Honors

2021 Bulgarian Board Game Awards Bulgarian Game of the Year Winner
2020 Japan Boardgame Prize Voters' Selection Nominee
2020 Guldbrikken Best Parlor Game Winner
2019 Tric Trac Nominee
2019 Swiss Gamers Award Nominee
2019 Swiss Gamers Award Kids Nominee
2019 Spiel des Jahres Winner
2019 Palme d'Argent for Best Party Game
2019 Lys Grand Public Finalist
2019 Juego del Año Recommended
2019 International Gamers Award - General Strategy: Multi-player Nominee
2019 Fairplay À la carte Runner-up
2019 American Tabletop Casual Games Recommended
2019 5 Seasons Best International Party&Coop Nominee
2018 Meeples' Choice Nominee
2018 Golden Geek Best Party Game Nominee
2018 Golden Geek Best Cooperative Game Nominee
2018 Cardboard Republic Socializer Laurel Nominee


110 cards, 7 easels, 7 erasable felt markers, rulebook