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Renegade Game Studios

Legacy of Yu

Legacy of Yu

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Legacy of Yu is a solo-only, fully-resettable, nonlinear campaign game in which you step into the role of the legendary hero of the Xia Dynasty, Yu the Great. It will be your job to build the canals ahead of the impending flood, while also defending your growing setlement against neighboring barbarian tribes. With each game, stories will be shared and new gameplay elements added. The campaign features a self-balancing system which adapts to how well you are doing. The campaign ends once you either win or lose 7 games.

During the reign of Emperor Yao, the people of ancient China were constantly plagued by deadly floods along the Yellow River. Eager to put an end to the devastation, Yao selected Gun, one of his officials, to devise a plan. After nine years of failed attempts using dams and dikes, Gun's employment came to a questionable end. After his passing, Yu inherited his father's work. Learning from Gun's failures, Yu set out to construct a series of canals to direct the surging river into nearby fields and smaller waterways.

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Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
Playing Time:
60 minutes

Designer: Shem Phillips
Shem Phillips
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios


Chaining, Deck Building, Hand Management, Campaign Game, Solo Game, Worker Placement

Awards & Honors


1 rule book, 1 story book, 1 board, 30 townsfolk cards, 16 barbarian cards, 7 victory cards, 7 defeat cards, 6 huts cards, 10 canal cards, 1 Story deck (71 Cards), 34 workers, 11 buildings, 12 cowrie shells, 9 provisions, 9 clay, 9 wood, 1 barge, 1 flood