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Blue Panther

Meeple Knockdown Dice Tower

Meeple Knockdown Dice Tower

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Meeple Knockdown Dice Tower. Assembles and knocks down in seconds. Portable and durable. Roll your dice in meeple style.

Standing a stately 5.5 inches tall, an impressive 5.75 inches wide, and made of 3mm thick birch wood, the Meeple Knockdown Dice Tower from Blue Panther is the latest way to roll your dice in style. It has all the characteristics of Blue Panther's other Knockdown Dice Towers, including:

  • Same simple, successful design
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Light & strong, passes around the game table easily without losing its structure.
  • Compact. Knocks down to fit easily in your favorite game box or bag
  • Easy to use

Plus, it comes in a colorful Meeple Shape! ?

Three internal baffles ensure that your dice rolls are truly random. ?It must be set on a flat surface to be used as it has no bottom.?

Lightweight, well-balanced and capable of taking on a whole bunch of dice at once, the Meeple Knockdown Dice Tower will bring smiles to gamers of all ages.?

Available in red. Assembly instructions are provided. Made in the USA. Dice not included.

Contents: unassembled wooden meeple-shaped knockdown dice tower (7 pieces), assembly instructions.?The Knockdown Meeple Dice Tower is made of wood and measures approximately 5.5' tall, 5 3/4' wide and 2' deep.?

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