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Cool Mini or Not

Potion Explosion 2nd edition

Potion Explosion 2nd edition

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Potion Explosion - A game of potion-crafting and marble-crashing for 2 to 4 Sorcery students.

It's time for the final exams of the Potions class! The rules are always the same: take an Ingredient marble from the Dispenser and watch the others fall. If you connect marbles of the same color, they explode... and you can take them too! Complete your potions using the marbles you collect, and drink them ro unleash their magical power. Remember, though, that to win the Student of the Year Award, being quick won't be enough; you'll also need to brew the most valuable potions!

In Potion Explosion you'll handle the powerful (and unstable) Ingredient marbles needed for your Recipes to create magical Potions. Triggering big explosions will help you gather ingredients quicker, and drinking the potions you completed earlier will unleash their power! Are you ready to brew the most difficult (and valuable) potions and grab the Student of the Year Award?

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 4
Playing Time:
30 to 45 minutes

Designer: Silva, Lorenzo and Andrea Crespi, Stefano Castelli
Giulia Ghigini
Publisher: Cool Mini or Not


pattern recognition, set collection, take that, fantasy, puzzle, Potion Explosion

Awards & Honors

2017 Gra Roku Family Game of the Year Nominee
2016 JUGuinho Children Game of the Year Winner
2016 Juego del Año Recommended
2016 Gioco dell’Anno Winner
2016 Cardboard Republic Socializer Laurel Nominee
2016 Board Game Quest Awards Most Innovative Game Nominee


4 Desk boards, 80 Ingredient marbles (in 4 colors), 64 Potion tiles, 15 Skill tokens, 21 Little Help tokens, 1 First Player token, 1 Plastic Dispenser, 1 rulebook