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Space Station Phoenix

Space Station Phoenix

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The Galactic Council is considering expansion into a recently discovered solar system, one with a yellow dwarf star and some interesting-looking planets, including one that holds a species that could soon develop the technology required to join them. Before establishing a permanent home in the system, the Council needs a space station as a base of operations. There are lucrative government contracts to be awarded, and the player who can build the best station will have the inside track.

You have assembled a rag-tag fleet of ships. They don’t look like much, but they contain the one thing you need to build the station: metal. You will need to dismantle this fleet, one ship at a time, to get it. Each time you turn a vessel into metal, your action options become more limited.

Do you dismantle your last fast Transport ship—your only lifeline back to the Council HQ—or the Terran Expedition craft you use to travel down to that little blue planet to gather the food and  water your workers need to survive? Assemble your fleet to build Space Station Phoenix!

How it works

Each player begins with a small fleet of spaceships, and each ship represents an action that the player can take on their turn. Throughout the game, players will use these actions to build a space station and populate it with members of four different alien species (ant the occasional human). The primary way to get the metal needed to build their stations is by dismantling the very ships they depend on to power their actions! The game is a tense race to build an efficient and powerful production engine.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 4
Playing Time:
30 minutes per player

Designer: Gabriel J. Cohn
Martin Hoffmann, Claus Stephan
Publisher: Rio Grande Games


End Game Bonuses, Income, Ownership, Variable Player Powers, Variable Set-up, Worker Placement

Awards & Honors


1 Diplomacy board
1 Neutral Ships board
1 Home Planets board
4 Player boards
4 Reference guides
4 Quick guides
4 Scoring Reference cards
24 Play tokens (6 each in 4 colors)
4 Action parkers (1 each in 4 colors)
8 Score Track Lap tokens
14 Terran Expedition dice
24 Space Station Hubs
72 Space Station Sectors
100 Aliens
24 Humans
1 Cloth bag
54 Ship cards
120 Small resource cubes
16 Large resource cubes
109 GEMs in three colors