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Red Dragon Inn Allies: Evil Pooky

Red Dragon Inn Allies: Evil Pooky

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The Red Dragon Inn Allies: Evil Pooky is the 50th character expansion for The Red Dragon Inn.

Thanks to some drunken teleportation experiments, Pooky's evil doppelganger has invaded the tavern from some other nasty plane of existence. He's here to create chaos and mayhen, which, truth be told, makes him a lot like The Red Dragon Inn's other patrons...

The Bad: Hey Look! It's Deidre! Wait a minute...

The Worse: I don't remember Deidre being a vampire...

Doppelgangers! Summon otherworldly doppelgangers to help yourself or interfere with your opponents' plans!

New Drinks! Enjoy a new drink with 8 never before seen cards alongside familiar classics, including 4 with brand new art!

Boss Battle! Play the Boss variant as either Evil Pooky or as Epic Pooky - Boss Mode for original Pooky! (Original Pooky deck required to play as Epic Pooky)

Contents: 40-card Character deck, 15-card doppelganger deck, 7-card evil Pooky Boss deck, 15-card Boss Doppelganger deck, 15-card Epic Pooky Boss deck, 5-card Epic deck, 2 prize cards, 30-card drink deck, player mat, fortitude marker, alcohol content marker, gold coin tokens, deck dividers, rules

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 5
Playing Time:
30 to 60 minutes

Designer: James Flatmo, Jeff Morrow, Ai Tran, Sam Waller
Drew Morrow, Team ColdFuZion, Beth Trott, Erin Wong
Publisher: SlugFest Games


card game, betting, wagering, trick-taking, variable player powers, fantasy, humor, medieval, expansion, Red Dragon Inn

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