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Cool Mini or Not (CMON)

Victorian Masterminds Game Rental

Victorian Masterminds Game Rental

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Victorian Masterminds

Massive machines of enormous military capabilities have been reported in the remote corners of the world. Mister Sherlock Holmes remains unaccounted for and Scotland Yard reports no leads in the ongoing investigation. Truly, the world is fruit ripe for the plucking for the most vile, the most conniving, and the most evil Victorian Mastermind!

To become the most evil Victorian Mastermind, send your agents across the world to do your bidding! They will help you to construct your nefarious Machine, capture great Buildings, complete Missions or use the brilliance of Scientists and Da Vinci Codex Tokens.

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 14 and up
Number of Players:
2 to 4
Playing Time:
45 to 60 minutes

Designer: Antione Bauza and Eric Lang
Karolina Kijak
Publisher: Cool Mini or Not (CMON)


worker placement, variable player powers

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