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Wits & Wagers: It's Vegas, Baby!

Wits & Wagers: It's Vegas, Baby!

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The excitement of Vegas!

1. Read a question. You're not supposed to know the answers, so just take your best guess
2. Place your bets. Whose guess is closest to the correct answer? You can bet on any guess, even if it's not your own.
3. Collect your chips, and cheer like you just hit the jackpot!

In Wits & Wagers Vegas you don't need to know the answers. Just bet on the best guess, even if it's not your own.

Wits & Wagers can be taught in 2 minutes, played in 25 minutes, and accommodates up to 20 people in teams.

Condition: New

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Game Details

Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Number of Players:
5 to 10
Playing Time:
30 minutes

Designer: Dominic Crapuchettes

Publisher: Mattel


trivia, party game, betting, wagering, simultaneous action selection

Awards & Honors

2008 Vuoden Peli Adult Game of the Year Nominee
2008 Årets Spill Best Party Game Nominee
2007 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Winner
2007 Games Magazine Best New Party Game Winner
2006 Mensa Select Winner
2006 Golden Geek Best Light / Party Game Nominee


28" x 11" betting mat, 80 cardboard chips, 112 cards with 222 questions, 1 removable poker chip tray, 14 betting tokens, 1 card box, 7 dry-erase markers, 7 dry-erase answer boards, 2 blockers, rules