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Beyond Monks: Art of the Fight

Beyond Monks: Art of the Fight

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Beyond Monks brings the excitement of the martial arts to your campaign. It covers a wealth of player options, all compatible with version 3.5

Beyond Monk includes:

  • The Martial Artist, a new core class representing a combat expert who relies on precision, knowledge, and skill rather than brute force or supernatural powers.
  • More than a dozen new prestige classes specializing in unarmed combat, including the Drunketn Master.
  • Over 100 new feats for monks, martial artists, and other classes, including new types such as the Stance, Style Mastery, and supernatural Ki feats.
  • Archetypes for multiclass martial artists, including the ninja, and advice for creating and playing an effective monk.
  • Dozens of other options including rules for cinematic combats, additional rules for weapon improvisation, special effects for characters who can move at very high speeds, a new ki-based race, and new magic items.
  • Bonus material for modern games includes two new advanced classes designed for Fast and Dedicated heroes: the Nimble Fighter and Warrior Philosopher, plus variant rules for non-lethal combat and three new feats.

Bring the martial arts to life in your game. Go beyond the monk!

Condition: Good, peeling a little near edge on back cover.

Condition: Good

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Author: Garr, James
Goodman Games

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