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Wizards of the Coast

Shining South (Dungeon & Dragons 3.5, Forgotten Realms Supplement)

Shining South (Dungeon & Dragons 3.5, Forgotten Realms Supplement)

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A wondrous land of ancient cultures and fallen empires.

Travelers to the distant lands beyond the Lake of Steam and the Firesteap Mountains return with incredible tales of the people and places they’ve encountered or avoided. From the magehounds of Halruaa and wemics of the Shaar to the halflings of Luiren and the Crinti of Dambrath, the denizens of the region are as varied as their homelands. Discover each of the many realms of the Shining South, along with the magic and monsters native to this diverse corner of the Forgotten Realms game setting.

*9 new prestige classes
*33 new spells
*3 short adventures

Condition: Like New

Condition: Like New

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Author: Thomas Reid
Wizards of the Coast

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