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Fast Forward

Encyclopedia Vanguard (d20 Modern)

Encyclopedia Vanguard (d20 Modern)

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 The Encyclopedia Vanguard describes many of the most important weapons fielded by the "armies" in the war on terror. These weapons, whether they are used in battles in the Middle East or in downtown Belfast, are fully detailed, including historical, technical and modern d20 game data for each.

Dazzling Rendered Graphics
Not only is this Fast Forward's first foray into modern d20, this book is lavishly illustrated with computer-rendered graphics and detailed historical information on each weapon system described within these pages, making this perhaps the most accurate sourcebook in the marketplace. Every entry, of course, includes full game information, allowing you to bring them into any modern d20 campaign!

Fron NVDs to Aircraft Carriers!
From the M-16 to the Nimitz-Class Carrier, and from Scud Missiles to Chemical and Biological weapons, Encyclopedia Vanguard addresses all the various weapons of modern warfare from two different angles: those used by the US and its Allies and those used by Terrorist Organizations. Along with detailed rules for each weapon, this book features a section on the art of night warfare and the advances in Night-Vision Equipment.

The Encyclopedia Vanguard features not only a wealth of new weapons drawn from modern warfare, but game rules that incorporate the unique character of these weapons into the modern d20 System. Table in the back of the book give quick and easy reference for all their relevant game information.

Condition: Very Good - light edge wear, no writing noted inside.


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Author: Timothy Brown and Steve Winter
Fast Forward

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